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Team Meeting

Become the Company Everyone Wants to Work for

 Learn a new way of communicating that creates a flourishing, team-driven workplace culture




Replace drama and stress with connection and support.

There is a framework of communicating that you and your employees can learn to turn conflict into connection, turn customers into fans, and create a tribe of employees that love working together.

It’s a fact -- according to research from Harvard, companies that can turn their workforce into a team, a tribe that looks forward to working with each other, thrive in the marketplace. It’s like they’ve figured out a secret formula that we all want.  With our training, you’re going to learn how to do just that AND get real-time practice sessions with you and your employees to make sure you are getting it right.

Get live training from Dr. B, “America’s Communication Coach”

Real-time feedback and learning in our breakout rooms

A controlled environment for you and your employees to practice your new skills

Proven-process framework for consistently turning conflict into connection

Employees who go through The Bigbie Method feel more confident and connected.

After completing just the Intro Training:

experience more connection with colleagues/coworkers.



feel more comfortable approaching difficult conversations.

are more apt to proactively resolve a difficult workplace situation.


have applied the strategies and experienced a benefit.


How do we get these results?

Learn how our award-winning process works.

Join leading organizations from various industries that partner with The Bigbie Method

"It was great! It's become an effective way for us to communicate with each other during times of heated pressure/stress."

"I have used it with family members and even though this is brand new to me, and I'm not very good at it, it works very well in calming down tense situations!"

"It has gotten me to understand some things a lot better than how I understood and took actions before. It has made a difference in how I do things or say things."

"I think this is powerful material that everyone should have some exposure to."

"I now have tools to de-escalate conflict with clients when something is said that is triggering. A client was upset and yelled at me[...]. I paused and did emergency empathy."

"I believe when I use these skills I get better results than if I use my typical behaviors. It has helped me better express myself. The intro course gave me better communication skills.  It taught me how to express myself in a way that gets better results."

"I am celebrating the ability to hear and be heard. The program is great"

"Excellent, life-changing, and possibly world-changing (at least in my microcosm)."

Absolutely amazing training. Invaluable material presented by my empathic teacher.  I would highly recommend it to EVERYONE.  A true game-changer.  Loved every minute (you really can't say that about most trainings!)  A++++!

"I have found that I am using these skills in both my personal and professional relationships. I have found that I can be more productive when I need something from clients"

"I learned to listen to what the person has to say and show compassion about their situation."

"I absolutely loved it. This course is truly life-changing. I mean in 8 weeks if we can start a transition in someone's life who has been struggling for over 20 years... I think it just says it all for this course."

"It gives me tools so I can connect rather than lash out when I am triggered and having difficult situations. I now have tools to identify my needs and make action requests from management to meet those needs."

"The benefit was becoming closer to others without staying in conflict and hearing everyone's needs/points of view." 

"I found so much joy throughout this course. It was also relatively easy to apply into my life, and has made me feel more comfortable communicating with others."

"This was an excellent course. I highly recommend it and want to take it again."

It's Time To Bring Your Team Together

1. Schedule a call

2. Learn the Proven Process

3. Transform your workplace

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Our experts will help you determine what training is right for you based on your goals. 


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