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Learn to Create the Life and Relationships You Have Always Wanted

Join our Empathy Gym to be able to learn, practice, and level-up your empathy and expression skills with others like you




Please Note: This is for those that have completed the Intro Training. If you have not you can sign up for that here.

Do you want to go deeper into your empathy training?

We always say at the beginning of the Intro Course that “you are currently unconsciously unskilled and at the end, you will be consciously unskilled.” And it’s true. Empathetic communication is a skill. And just like any skill, you must practice it. When you practice it that’s when you smooth out the rough edges, you develop that empathy muscle and it gets hardwired in your brain. 

That’s where the Empathy Gym comes in. This is where you level-up your game. Just like a gym where you go workout and take care of your body. In our gym, you come, work out your empathy muscle, deeply connect with other like-minded individuals (breath a relaxing sigh of relief and excitement), level up your mental and emotional health, while also making leaps with your ability to communicate and connect with others. All through weekly Practice Group sessions. It’s a beautiful process. So come join us. Transform your life through learning and connection.

Level-up Your Skills w/ Advanced Topics

Systematically level up your skills through deliberate, action-based practice so that you can be ready to teach or act in live settings.

Learn To Receive Empathy

Feel lighter after learning to trust, open up and be vulnerable with others about our struggles and insecurities.

Learn To Give Empathy

All your loved ones will thank you and you'll thank yourself as you feel more connected to others than ever before, even in triggered situations. 

Get Support From A New Tribe

Join a group of like-minded people who are bringing more connection and safety into the world and encourage your growth.

The Next Step To Becoming A Facilitator

Become a Facilitator in The Bigbie Method and make a career or side hustle out of bringing greater connection to schools and businesses.

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  • How long is the certification process and/or facilitator track?
    On average about 6-9 months until you are certified and able to take your first paid client and then another 8 months being mentored on the Facilitator track with your first client. To learn more about the certification path go here. The Introductory Course is 8 weeks long and then it tends to take another 5-6 months in the Empathy Gym Practice Groups to complete all of your assessments and you are ready for your first client, where you receive on the job mentoring for the length of your first contract.
  • How much does it cost to get certified?
    On average $500-800. The Introductory Course is $300 and the Empathy Gym is $50 per month so the duration that it takes you to complete the assessments while in the Empathy Gym will determine how much it costs. Once you become a Facilitator you will make this back with your first contract.
  • How do I choose my weekly class session?
    When you sign up for your membership, we will ask you to choose the specific Practice Group that you will join and attend at the same time each week. We have classes conducted at different times through out the week that you can choose from and we are adding more cohort times as we grow to be able to accommodate a variety of schedules.
  • What is the difference between being Certified and being a Facilitator?
    To become Certified in The Bigbie Method, individuals must complete all levels outlined on this page. Once you have successfully completed all the levels, you are Certified in The Bigbie Method. You have shown strength and implementation of a variety of communication skills and processes. Once Certified, you can explore the TBM Facilitator Track if you'd like. Once you are on the Facilitator Track, you can secure a contract with a school, business or organization. Then a Bigbie Method Expert will mentor you through the first 9-12 months of that contract. Once you have graduated through the mentorship you will officially be a Bigbie Method Facilitator. The Certification and Facilitation tracks are designed in two separate manners because they involve a different set of skills for each.
  • Does everyone that goes through the process become a Facilitator?
    No they do not. What we are doing is not easy work. It takes a certain skill level to be effective and all of our Facilitators must pass all assessments before they can take on a client. We will do our best to get you ready and able to pass the assessments but the reality is that not everyone passes all of the assessments. The majority of people go through this process without the desire to become a Facilitator. Just going through the processes of the Intro Course and Empathy Gym will give you lifelong skills to better your relationships and conflict management. What we're getting at is even if you don't become a Facilitator you'll have an entirely new set of skills that are going to help you change your life for the better.
  • I have another question. How can I ask it?
    We'd love to hear it. Email us at

How the gym works

1. Sign up below

Select what works for you with the option to pay monthly or annually

2. Choose a weekly meeting time

Choose from a number of weekly practice group cohorts and meet at the same time each week to establish consistency in your habits.

3. Show up ready to learn, practice, and connect

Attend your Practice Group session each week via Zoom in the comfort of your own setting. 

Supercharge Your Journey In Connection

Join our Empathy Gym. Join our tribe. Change your life.

Pricing Plans
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